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According to an article published by Slate, the same backdoor was used to target. First use of the media alias. Alessandro, many thanks for these articles! EricEric Rabetel: Monday, December 10, Probably already known articles? November 12, Emirati Arabi Uniti. Aramco cyber attack targeted production. The kingdom said that the hackers were based in several countries spread over four continents. Officials declined to name the countries while the investigation continues. December 10, 5: Allora, parte la rassegna del weekend: If you use a Flash 0D don't use macros!

Facciamo chiarezza: Al momento su VT non ci sono sample ne' del nostro exploit, ne' del nostro scout che risulta tuttora undetected anche da kaspersky. Rimane pero' da capire come diavolo abbiano associato proprio noi a questo exploit Friday, February 08, Ryan Naraine? Mi sa che sto perdendo i pezzi…Ma il sample trovato a targhettare gli attivisti in bahrain non era nostro, era di gamma! Se non ricordo male gli step: Kaspersky rivendica la scoperta di https: Propendo per la seconda. E infatti hai ragione. Penso che sia la community twitter ad aver preso un abbaglio. Meglio cosi': Ma il sample trovato a targhettare gli attivisti in bahrain non era nostro, era di gamma! UK firm faces questions over how spyware ended up in Bahrain.

You know as well anybody working in these type of security tools that the magic word is TRUST and I came to know HT Company for several years and I met you as well David and others either in Riyadh or Milano and we built a good relationship during these years. Valeriano Bedeschi to TCC. Andulrahman [was: Dear Sameer,Hope you are doing well. I am forwarding the email that I just got from Dr. Abdulrahman Al Shenaifi. Although we discussed the issue about Dr. Abdulrahman during my last visit to Riyadh, I am wondering if he is still involved in the project since I see from the email below that you TCC asked him to coordinate with us regarding the Source Code review.

By the way, over the phone he told me that GID has asked him to coordinate with us and not you! Thank you in advance,Regards. Abdulrahman dgoldtech. Hi Mostapha, Could you summarize your conversation with me here? Dear Sameer, Hope you are doing well. Thank you in advance, Regards. Dear Mesefer,I am currently out of the office. I will do it tomorrow morning. Mesfer S. Al Mesfer [mailto: MSMesfer tcc-ict. Tuesday, February 12, PMO - Aoud M. By the way, over the phone he told me that GID has asked him. Una dura lezione. Faccio un riassunto degli avvenimenti accompagnati da una serie di considerazioni. Monitorando silentemente questo shellcode sono riusciti a risalire ad una serie di tentativi di infezione tramite vari exploit, in tutto una 50ina in tutto il mondo.

Alcuni di questi tentativi erano effettivamente nostri: Altri non hanno nulla a che fare con noi ma, considerando che usavano il medesimo shellcode di vupen e considerando che hanno uno schema molto simile tra loro, mi azzarderei a dire che s. Analisi eccellente, grazie Marco. Una dura lezioneFaccio un riassunto degli avvenimenti accompagnati da una serie di considerazioni. Altri non hanno nulla a che fare co. Dear Mesfer,Sorry for my late reply but I was abroad and was stuck in the airport because of the very bad weather in europe everything was freezing!!! Below is a summary of our call: Source code review: During these days, the participants can verify that the source code doesn't contain backdoors, worms or other intentionally harmful code that can, in anyway, allow HT to access the system.

The participants are allowed to analyze every single character in the RCS source code. For a proficient source code review, attendees must have deep wiring knowledge of the following languages: Good knowledge of Object oriented programming is mandatory. The client already has the full license, that is: The only differ. Mesfer will discuss this with you in more details. On the other hand, TCC has requested Dr. The reason for his engagement is that he is the one who provided the client and TCC the commitment to conduct a FULL source code review and therefor the client had to engage him again to ensure that his commitment is fulfilled.

When TCC team discussed with you the scope of the source code review, we had difficulty in managing it as you have limited the scoop to 10 days with "walk through" only and you have requested additional charges that was not mentioned previously by HT or by Dr. Abdul Rahman. Abdul Rahman who made the commitment at the very initial stage of the pr.

Dear Mostapha, Thanks for your email. What we are looking for is, your help to answer the listed questions: What is the programming language used? What is the type and architecture of the application? What is the total number of lines of code? What is the total number of classes and methods? What is the number of modules responsible for authentication? What is the number of modules responsible for authorization? What is the number of modules responsible for session management? What is the number of modules responsible for Interfacing with database? Daniele,Potresti aiutarmi a rispondere alle domande che trovi nella mail di Mesfer?

What is the total number of classes a. A number of UAE activists including Ahmed Mansoor were targeted with this spyware, in an attack that was linked to the offices of a member of the UAE royal family. Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Marco Bettini Sent from my iPad. Hi Mostapha, We are waiting your response. Project Manager T: Saturday, February 16, What is. Dear Mesfer,I have forwarded your email to our operations manager that is able to answer on your questions. I do apologize for the delay but he is currently abroad. Any way, we will get back to you shortly.

Al Mesfer ha scritto: Woluld you please elaborate your last mail, Marco? Referring to the article sent by Antonio: I was thinking aloud: Firstly, we should be very careful here. Irrespective of the Citizens Lab report, etc. As I recall, the target in the UAE allegations had recently served jail time. And 2 , there is really only circumstantial evidence that HT software was involved in any way at all, and we certainly don't want to confirm the idea that it was. If asked about any of this We should refuse to comment on the allegations that HT software was used in the UAE at all or used improperly. So far, nobody asked anything at the booth. Thank you very much, Eric.

Era anche in quello precedente che tu mi hai detto di confermare. Rotana now in Bahrain! A Majestic stay awaits you. A spectacular and luxurious suites set in Busaiteen District, Majestic Arjaan by Rotana is a rare find. Embrace new experiences at Majestic Arjaan by Rotana with its stunning studios, 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites offering optimal space and developed as duplexes, state-of-the-art amenities, dining and meeting spaces. Terms and conditions: Prenotazioni UAE. Terremoto in Iran, centinaia di morti. Tremano anche India, Bahrein e Dubai. Già oltre 80 le vittime accertate. Distrutta la città di Hiduch. Dichiarato lo stato di emergenza.

Alessandro Scarafile [mailto: Il rientro è su Kiev, perché vado a trovare un. Potresti dirmi il motivo del viaggio? Prenotazioni UAE Priorità: Antonella Capaldo [mailto: Tuesday, April 16, Se e' per uso agenzia Alessandro ScarafileSent: Antonella Capaldo Administrativ. Prenotazioni UAE Alessandro Scarafile Sent: Allora "meeting" credo sia piu' che sufficiente.

Non sapevo servisse per il CdC. Antonella Capaldo [. L'alternativa proposta va bene ugualmente; aspettiamo solo conferma definitiva della trasferta, prima di procedere. Wednesday, April 17, Promotional materials have been leaked that describe the tools as providing a wide range of intrusion and monitoring capabilities. This post contains analysis of several pieces of malware obtained by Vernon Silver of Bloomberg News that were sent to Bahraini pro-democracy activists in April and May of this year. The purpose of this work is identification and classification of the malware to better understand the actors behind the attacks and the.

The purpose of this work is identification and classification of the malware to better understand the actors behind the attacks and the risk to v. It's a Collection of articles some already published. Starting from page 63 there are also a summary article about us. I think it could be useful to address our communication strategy to them. The US is helping some allies to counter cyber menaces.

The United States will not share its growing arsenal of offensive cyberweapons, which, like nuclear arms, can be deployed only on presidential order. CRM Update. Gian,Hai ragione. Pensavo di averli finiti. Potresti ricontrollare adesso? Volevo dirti che le seguenti contatti non abbiamo nessuna opportunità per le seguenti contatti: Scusate, se non abbiamo alcuna opportunità perché sono in pipeline? Hi Alex,Thanks for your note. The countries you mention are actually within the responsibilities of my sales colleagues. They will contact you shortly for further understanding on the topic.

Wed, 14 Aug Still waiting for CACC to confirm date. But as you know, they are studying the material right now. On a different note: Maybe you can discuss with your global sales director if HT is interested to have us get you involved there. Here is a list of suggestions that we could consider: Of course, only if you got no activities there yet. Let me know. Ciao Marco,Please refer to the below e-mail. Thu, 15 Aug But as you know, they are s. It is perfectly right that a guy goes to a country previously served by someone else.

We are a team, and we must work as such for greater flexibility in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Daniel Maglietta [mailto: Alexander Murbach; Daniel MagliettaCc: Murbach,It's a pleasure talk to you again. The list of countries that you are suggesting seems very interesting. Please consider that we are already active in all those countries directly or through partners. Since we'd like to avoid any overlap, in order to move forward with your partners is important to know the exact name of the End Users they are working with.

Looking forward to receiving those information. Thursday, August 15, BTW persians are not arabs. Read on, this intervention is very significant. To you, guys. Mr Lee used a two-hour, primetime television address, with a presentation, on Sunday to lay out his plans, the fruit of almost a year of soul-searching by his ruling party as it has grappled with voter discontent. Housing would be made more affordable and social safety nets improved. Dear HackingTeam, We are Cyber Crime Department in the ministry of Interior of Kingdom of Bahrain we would like to get information regards products you supply at goverment level, we are more interested in products regarding security and safety of our cyber space.

Product Information. Dear Sir or Madam, through this email I'd like to apply for a post within your organization, preferably business developer project director could make it also for GCC and Africa regions. You'll find attached my CV and cover letter ; I'm a graduated telecom engineer and 16 year experienced professional. In a few words, here is why I'm convinced there will be a match within us: I've started working LI within French MoI, in , and since that date almost all of my brain activity has been dedicated to think about innovation, customer satisfaction, dimensioning, Thinking LI is as natural as breathing to me.

To you!!! Product InformationDate: August 27, 1: Che ne pensate? I've started working LI within French MoI, in , and since that date almost all of my brain activity. Dear Sir,First of all, I would like to thank you for having contacted us. Would you be available for a call tomorrow so we can discuss in details our solution Remote Control System? Vogliamo farci una chiacchierata, magari via Skype? Mi chiedo solo perche' il CEO di una societa' con 1m di fatturato vada a cercare impiego in un altra societa', e non una partnership.

Perche' la societa' non fa 1m di fatturato oppure ne fa 1 e ne spende 2 oppure perché ha dei debiti notevoli oppure perché sta per crollare per ragioni di mercato. Comunque possiamo parlarci, sara' istruttivo. Comunque parte male: David VincenzettiSent: Friday, August 30, Daniele MilanCc: E' una situazione sospetta, sono d'accordo. David Vincenzetti Sent: Daniele Milan Cc: Dear Sir,I am resending this email just in case you have missed it. Can you kindly let me know your availability for a call so we can discuss in details our solution and your needs?

Our client from Macao will be present too. Marco Bettini [mailto: Thursday, Au. Murbach,Due to other business activities already planned, we don't attend this event. However, if the client is available, we will be more than happy to have him, and you of course, as our guests in our headquarter in Milan. Please let us know if this could be planned. Marco — thanks for the offer but we all will be quite busy at DSEi in London. This is just the local partner, not end user. Daniel — regarding Macao demo: Unlikely demo is in Sept. Alexander MurbachCc: Dear MostaphaI apologize for the delay as we are busy with things here please provide your number and suitable calling time so we will give you call to arrange.

Thanks Alex. SMTP Server [mailto: Wednesday, 4 September, 4: Alexander Murbac. Just to clarify, is anyone of HT at the show available for meetings? Daniel — regarding Macao d. Dear Alexander,Nobody from HT will be at show. Alexander Murbach [mailto: Wednesday, September 04, Daniel Maglietta; Marco BettiniCc: Dear Alexander, Nobody from HT will be at show. Daniel Maglietta; Marco Bettini Cc: Alex,Unfortunately we are not attending this event.

Wed, 4 Sep Dear Sir,My number is I am available tomorrow in the afternoon or any time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please let me know when will you be calling me. Dear Maanna, Refer to the emails below, could you advice what time is suit you to call. Product Information Sent from my iPad Begin forwarded message: Product Information Dear Sir, My number is Dear Maj Ali,Tomorrow Monday between 9: AECD ha scritto: Please let me. It is CET. But you can use your local time, so between 9: What is your local time?

Call It is CET. Dear Maanna, Refer to the emails below, could you advice what time is. Dear Ali, First of all, I would like to thank you for your call. As discussed over the phone, please sign the attached NDA. In the meantime, I would like to ask you whether you prefer to visit our premises in Milan or to host us in Bahrain for a complete demo.

Mostapha Maanna. Latest security scoops from the Middle East region. Complete Homeland Security, Safety and Having trouble viewing this email? All in one place. Abu Dhabi is increasingly playing an important role in the region, particularly for mitigating the concerns on homeland security and national resilience. In the upcoming edition of the strategic event, we are keen to bring together the entire spectrum of homeland security and safety under one umbrella. Dear Adam, I am fine and work is very good. Same with us, we have been working a lot for 2 months. But I should come to Bahrain before November. I will let you know in advance so I can meet with you.

Thank you and regards. Adam Radicic [mailto: Adam irm. Sunday, September 15, Hi Mostapha! Sunday, September 15, 9: Adam Radicic; 'mostapha hackingteam. Ah no Adam, I did a mistake in the dates! See you another time. Mostapha Maanna Subject: I will let you know in ad. Adam Radicic Cc: Adam Radic. E' importante che ci sia anche io il 7 a Dubai?

Spero che non confermino la settimana del 7 perché mi serviresti a Dubai: Aspetto domani per mandare una mail per quanto riguarda il meeting che ho fatto oggi con il partner che ci farebbe vendere in Bahrain. Ok grazie. Ho chiesto e mi hanno detto che mi faranno sapere domani. Mus,ti hanno fatto poi sapere la data che preferiscono? Ti anticipo che, dovremo fare una demo d'avanti ad un desicion maker ci sarà solamente una persona dal enduser. Daniele --Daniele MilanOperations Manager. Next Steps. MidworldPro to invest in a Proof-of-Concept platform not-anonymized for demonstration to Bahrain Gov?

Technical architecture of non-anonymized platform. Who and when can we discuss this? Dear Sacha, Can we do the call on Thursday at Sacha Vekeman [mailto: Tuesday, September 24, Adnan S. Proposal preparation and business plan. Who will provide and when can we get pricing? Management o. Can you call me: Sacha Vekeman Cc: Mus, devo partecipare anche io? Tu quando rientri? Dear Sacha,Can we do the call on Thursday at MidworldPro to invest in a Proof-of-Concept pla. LibPST v0. Reminder END: Still in car, but will be at office in 10min. Will Skype you. Sacha Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Mostapha Maanna Sent: Thursday 26 September Sacha Vekeman Subject: Mostapha Skype id: Dear Sacha,Can we use Skype for our call conference?

MostaphaSkype id: Sacha VekemanCc: Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Riyadh meetings. Sorry for the delay, but I was extremely busy and I didn't get a chance to write before now. Midworld pro: Midworld pro is a new partner that will help us to sell in Bahrain. There are some delays in taking the decision to purchase our solution although they discarded FF!

Anyway, Khalid promised me to investigate and get back to me on this. Al Fahad: I went with Hisham on a business dinner, he gave me the PO for the renewal. Dubai Police: They already made the decision to purchase RCS. They told me that our. HW recommendation. Mus, find attached the current technical requirements document. By the way, please give them my email and ask them to get in touch directly for any further technical need. Thank you, Mostapha. Dear Sacha, Attached the technical requirements document. Regards, Mostapha. Thanks for the Info. Have a good weekend. Sacha From: Friday 27 September Adnan Fatayerji Subject: HW recommendation Dear Sacha, Attached the technical requirements document.

HW recommendation]. Dear Sacha,As per my sms, we are not available on October the 4th. Please note that it would be perfect to meet in Dubai in week 41 7th October. So please try to let me know as soon as possible what the next step is so I can start organizing everything. Dear Sacha, As per your request, please find in the attachment a scan of my passport for visa purposes. I will call you on Monday. Thank you in advance, Mostapha.

Sorry Sacha, I forgot to tell you that the visa should be valid from Saturday October the 5th because I should be arriving 1 day in advance to Manama. Regards,Mostapha Inizio messaggio inoltrato: Ciao David e bentornato! Le cose stanno andando abbastanza bene. Dieci giorni fa è nata un'opportunità in Bahrain, e prima di fine mese dovremmo avere un ordine! Ho letto il tuo report ben fatto ieri. Sono tornato da W-DC ieri. Come vanno le cose, amico mio? Meeting confirmation. Can you please forward identity information of Mr. Bettini and the technical engineer to plan for Visa? Objective of the meeting remains the technology demonstration. Furthermore, there is a possibility for Mr.

Please discuss with Marco. This is a very unique opportunity to get visibility to a decision maker in just a matter of two weeks! I will discuss everything with you in a bit. Thank you,Mostapha Inizio messaggio inoltrato: Meeting confirmationData: Meeting in Bahrain. Purtroppo il desicion maker è disponibile solamente in quel giorno. L'incontro si terrà in Bahrain e parteciperà Marco Bettini al mio posto. Mi servirebbe il nome il prima possibile perché l'enduser chiede di mandargli i loro passaporti. Grazie Mus. Viaggio Bahrein. Antonella, potresti verificare con l'agenzia gli orari e le disponibilità per i seguenti voli per 2 persone io e forse Alessandro: Ale, puoi coordinarti con Mus per seguire questa importante delivery?

Monday, September 30, Marco Bettini Subject: Voli x Bahrein - M. Scarafile - Ottobre Attendo vs. Gentile Antonella,in riferimento alla richiesta in oggetto per i Sigg. Bettini e Scarafile Le segnalo che i voli sono piuttosto pieni e pertanto le tariffe superano i euro per ciarcun itinerario ed inoltre gli orari dei voli non sono molto corrispondenti alle esigenze da Lei espresse nel modulo di richiesta. Le riporto quindi qui di seguito le migliori soluzioni possibili: EURO Ciao Marco, i voli sono piuttosto pieni e pertanto le tariffe superano i euro per ciascun itinerario ed inoltre gli orari dei voli non sono molto corrispondenti alle tue esigenze Questi gli itinerari proposti dall'agenzia: Antonella, con la prima opzione abbiamo solo 45 minuti tra un volo e l'altro.

Rischiamo di perdere volo e bagaglio. Puoi verificare con l'agenzia? Gentile Antonella,come da intese telefoniche rimando le prenotazioni aeree per i Sig. Cia Marco, queste le nuove prenotazioni: Antonella Capaldo Cc: Marco Bettini; Alessandro Scarafile Oggetto: Viaggio Bahrein Antonella, con la prima opzione abbiamo solo 45 minuti tra un volo e l'alt. Viaggio Bahrein Antonella, con la pr.

Per favore richiedi anche pick up all'aeroporto perchè arriveremo alle Cia Marco,queste le nuove prenotazioni: Please don't reply to this e-mail, it is not enabled to receive messages. Resto in attesa di riscontro per procedere con le prenotazioni. Cordiali saluti. Lucia Da: Antonella CapaldoOggetto: Gentile Antonella,confermo anche le effettuate prenotazioni alberghiere. Antonella Capaldo Oggetto: Grazie mille, Lucia. Antonella Capaldo; travelOggetto: Antonella Ca. Dear Sacha, Attached my colleagues' passports. I don't think that they need a visa since they are Italian. Do you confirm? Resto a disposizione. Antonella Capaldo; travel Oggetto: Ho inviato all'hotel la richiesta di prenotazione pick-up, appena ho riscontro le faccio sapere.

Chiedi a Sacha se vengono a prenderci e a che ora. Digli anche che arriveremo alla sera tardi della domenica, quindi dovremo vederci al mattino prima del meeting. Mostapha Maanna Inviato: Tuesday, October 01, Bettini and the tec. Mostapha MaannaInviato: Bettini and the technical engineer to plan for Vis. Hotel in Manama. Sacha,My colleagues will be at the following hotel: They will arrive on Sunday at Can anyone kindly pick them up from the hotel on Monday?

At what time should you meet? Thank you,Mostapha. White papers and prerequisites. Dear Sacha, Please find in the attachment the whitepapers and the prerequisites as well. Don't hesitate to contact me for any information you may need. The EULA must be signed by the enduser. Bahrain Electronic Visa Service. Draft offer. Dear Sacha, Attached a draft offer. It is a zip file protected by a password that I will be sending it by sms soon. Talk to you soon, Mostapha. HT - report semestrale.

Giancarlo Russo [mailto: Michela BorinCc: Massimiliano D'AmicoSubject: Avrei anche bisogno di un report sul Bahrein. Dovremmo poi procedere alla redazione del riepilogo semestrale - fatemi sapere quando possibile confrontare la lista. Massimiliano D'Amico Sent: Giancarlo RussoCc: Michela BorinSubject: Spero anche a voi. Ok per report e ok per prox settimana. Noi stiamo completando lavoro su report semestrale e sui Paesi che ci avevi segnalato ad agosto. Buon viaggio! Prenotazione Sala Riunioni P1: Training Malesia.

Daniele Milan; Stefania IannelliOggetto: Grazie Simonetta per la precisazione telefonica: Simonetta Gallucci [mailto: Please let us know if some one of you can pick up us at the Golden Tulip Bahrain on Monday and at what time. Voli Bahrain. Ecco i miei posti per il viaggio in Bahrain: Ok Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone. Saturday 5 October Iphone Dear Sacha, As per our call, iPhone must be jailbroken in order to infect it. Anyway, on Monday you will meet our technical engineer that can answer on all your technical questions.

My number. Mus, Io non vorrei darlo in giro. Ieri non funzionava il traferimento di chiamata al nuovo numero e quindi ho fatto il forward al numero dell'ufficio. Li avviso che se non riescono a chiamarmi di chiamare te. Sunday, October 06, Grazie e buon viaggio. Marco Bettini Inviato: Thanks Marco -- M. Meeting at Hotel in Manama. Dear Adnan, Thank you so much for your kindness. Alessandro and myself will be ready at the hotel lobby at 10am. Adnan Fatayerji [mailto: Friday, October 04, Marco Bettini Cc: Lets meet at your hotel lobby at Dear Adnan, I'm not sure if Mostapha informed you that for the tomorrow demonstration we need an internet wired line, not wifi, and a projector.

Thank you for checking the availability of such equipment. Ciao Marco,Glielo avevo gia' detto. Grazie Mus, Non ricordavo se me lo avevi detto o no ed ho preferito ridirglielo. Alessandro Scarafile Oggetto: Thank you for checking the availab. Grazie Mus,Non ricordavo se me lo avevi detto o no ed ho preferito ridirglielo. Marco BettiniCc: Alessandro ScarafileOggetto: Regards Marco Saluti -- Ant. Grazie, ce lo hanno detto ieri sera al checkin in albergo.

Simonetta Gallucci Inviato: Monday, October 07, Marco Bettini; Alessandro Scarafile Cc: Simonetta GallucciInviato: Marco Bettini; Alessandro ScarafileCc: Gentile Simonetta,grazie per il riscontro. POC in Riyadh. Ciao Gian, Visto che stiamo parlando di un cliente di cui stiamo guadagnando la fiduccia, vorrei evitare di prensentarmi all'ultimo con un'altro "arabo" perche' potrebbe succedere un altro Bahrain. Nessun problema a coinvolgere Emad in altri progetti magari meno critici. C'e' un motivo particolare per cui suggerisci la sua presenza?

Giancarlo Russo Inviato: Tuesday, October 08, Mostapha Maanna Cc: Daniele Milan; rsales; Alessandro Scarafile Oggetto: Should we ask for a Visa. Giancarlo RussoInviato: Mostapha MaannaCc: Daniele Milan; rsales; Alessandro ScarafileOggetto: Sono appena rientrato dalla trasferta in Bahrein e perdura purtroppo influenza intorno ai 38 da 3 giorni, quasi certamente causata dai vaccini di settimana scorsa. Sono gia' allineato con Daniele nel restare a casa domani a curarmi, per rientrare giovedi per il training Malesia non essendoci altri FAE disponibili. Per domani il training e' coperto da Guido. Grazie ale nessun problema. Ci aggiorniamo domani per un aggiornamento sulle tue condizioni di salute.

Alessandro Scarafile Inviato: Internauci zafundowali plac Przewozy gratis jako forma wsparcia Tychy: Co dalej z tym smogiem?! Przepisy anty-smrodo-smogowe potrzebne od zaraz. Katastrofa budowlana w Katowicach Cztery osoby przysypane gruzem z zawalonego stropu. Sprawcy rozboju zatrzymani O pomoc dla syryjskich rodzin apeluje abp Wiktor Skworc Bytom: Koniec palm na katowickim rynku. Bilet na basen zamiast Policjanci wyszli na ulice Nauka i praca Kolekcja nielegalna Kolejny sklep z dopalaczami w Zabrzu Inwestycje, inwestycje Po audycie - przed zmianami w KHW. Czechach Kto ochroni polskich pracowników?

Jak tam ze zdrowiem? Gdzie stacje rowerowe? Polska ziemia bezpieczniejsza? Nowe przepisy o obrocie gruntami. W blokach startowych Rodzina plus. Nowe sytuacje na krajowej "jedynce" Naprawy przy drodze w Pszczynie. Gospodarski rekonesans plus Wg ministerstwa wszystko gotowe. Dodatkowe patrole "zamówione" w Rudzie. Pilnuj dziecka! To dopiero! Nie takie korki Katowice przyjazne kierowcom? The winner is Negocjacji nie ma, prezesa Czekanie na negocjacje.

Precz z "uiszczaniem"! Za kraty za dopalacze Nastolatek w szpitalu, sklep z dopalaczami zlikwidowany. Co dalej stadionie? Na basen - za darmo. Narodowy Stadion Lekkoatletyczny w Chorzowie. Biegaj w parku! Cienki niebezpieczny lód. Niebezpiecznie na drogach. Na co i ile w roku. Wysadzili bankomat. Bezpieczniej na drogach. Trudne warunki na drogach regionu. Betlejka - budowana. Taka powstaje w Katowicach - Panewnikach. Koszmarny wypadek na pasach.

Administracja dla ludzi. Koniec remontu na A4. Uwaga na drogach! Opracowano barometr zawodów Rozdajemy prezenty! Sylwester jak karaoke Wiadomo jak impreza sylwestrowa w Katowicach. GDDKiA gotowa do zimy. Sól zgromadzona, maszyny po serwisowaniu. Wrócili do domów. Wybuch gazu w jednej z piekarskich kamienic. Uwaga na podejrzane strony. Technologia z Gwiezdnych Wojen. Pionierska operacja w Zabrzu. Ruda czeka na Centrum Prace na lotnisku.

Roboty z dawna oczekiwane. Cieplej za mniej. Jest taki czas w roku Trwa akcja "Znicz". Jest ustawa metropolitalna. Miasto skanuje zabytki. PIS bierze wszystko. O górnictwie, gospodarce i rynku pracy. Spokojna manifestacja w stolicy. Tragiczny wypadek w kopalni. Tragedia sprzed roku: Chopina w Katowicach. Za meldunek - dostaniesz upominki. Zmiany na torach. Jak smakuje Chorzów? Drogowe plany, drogowe zmiany Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad informuje o nowym projekcie.

Wielka odnowa Sprawdzam polityka. Strona przed wyborami. Kolejna manifestacja. Nowe stawki w Sosnowcu. Smakuj Chorzów. Trwa konkurs na najlepsze danie. Kto wie co to jest pump-truck? Wielki powrót studentów. Teraz ma Naszemu koledze i rodzinie GPS - nie daje rady Chorzów - cierpi z powodu remontów. Postanowienia - to zawieszenie 14tej pensji i Pod sklepieniem mocowanie trakcji, po bokach siedzenia dla Zmiany w Fiacie Fabryka Fiata w Tychach czeka na nowy model.

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